Enrolment Procedures

All enrolments are handled by the Director. In the event where the Director is absent the temporary supervisor will handle all enquiries. Parents are invited to visit the Centre prior to enrolment to collect enrolment information booklets. A Policy Folder is available to view upon request.

What to Pack

  • A spare change of clothes. (More spare clothes are required if your child is toilet training.),
  • Hat for outside play,
  • Healthy packed lunch box with child’s name,
  • Drink bottle clearly labelled,
  • Swimmers or spare clothes in summer for water play.

Orientation Process & First day

Let your child know that he/she is going to preschool, that you are accompanying them and that you will be back to pick them up later. If you are able to, you are welcome to bring your child into Earth Angels, stay with us for an hour or so in a free play period before they are meant to start. This is like orientation day for the children and helps them familiarize themselves with the teachers and the environment prior to commencing at Earth Angels. On the commencement day, please feel free to stay, settle your child in, talk to staff and meet the children. A staff member will assist you and your child, reassuring your child. Once you have placed your child in the care of the staff, please say goodbye and leave quickly. Long drawn-out tearful farewells generally upset the child and will undoubtedly upset you. Please feel free to ring us at any time during the day if you are concerned. We will also ring you if we have any questions or concerns.

Arrival and Departure

All children must be signed in and out each day. Times and signatures are to be written on the attendance sheets. Staff need to be aware when a child has arrived and when a child is leaving the Centre. If you find that we are busy please always draw our attention to your arrival/departure. No child is to leave the Centre with a person other than the parent/carer unless the staff has been previously notified of the altered arrangements in writing. (This may be written as a separate letter or on the daily attendance sheet after informing staff of person to pick up your child). If someone is unknown to the Director or staff is to pick up your child, and written permission has been given, proof of identity may be asked for. No person under the age of 18 years is allowed to pick up or sign out a child.

Special Celebrations

Your child’s birthday is a very special occasion and we would love to share it with them. You are most welcome to bring along individual cupcakes on the day to celebrate with all her/his friends. We’ll have a party! Don’t forget the camera for some extra pictures for home. A list of ingredients must be provided and given to a staff member when supplying individual cupcakes.


Breakfast, morning and afternoon tea is provided by the centre. A weekly menu is on display for your viewing.

Parent Participation

Earth Angels welcomes and actively encourages all parents and carers to become involved as often as they wish in their child’s preschool education and care. This could be anything from cooking, craft, storytelling, music or any other talents would be welcomed to share with the children.

Sun Safety

Earth Angels is a Sun Safe Centre. Sun screen is applied to all children during the summer before going outside. We also have covered verandahs where the children are encouraged to play where they are not in direct sunlight. Children will be encouraged to wear hats. Please apply sunscreen on your child before or on arrival in the summer as it takes 20 minutes to take full effect.


Written permission will need to be given for all excursions separately. No child is allowed to leave the Centre unless parental permission is given. Excursions are part of the program. Children who don’t participate will need to stay at home on the day of the excursion and will be deemed absent on that day and if possible their days will be changed for that week only. All supervisors are to be properly acquainted with their responsibilities and obligations for the children attending the excursion. The Centre will provide parents and take a timetable and itinerary for the excursion. Before leaving on the excursion the staff left in charge at Earth Angels will be provided with the timetable and itinerary and contact phone numbers. A list of children attending the excursion should be left at the centre prior to departure and a copy carried by the delegated supervisor for the purpose of checking at regular intervals during the course of the excursion. At least 24 hours (preferably more) notice of excursions should be given to parents/carers. The adult/child ratio should be: 1 adult to 5 children 3-5 years.

All the staff attending the excursion will have a current First Aid Certificate. All children attending any excursion will wear sun safe clothing, hat and sunscreen.

Toys and Equipment

Children are not encouraged to bring any toys from home unless they have “show and tell” on that day. Toys can cause problems with sharing and may be damaged.  If any of the centre’s toys are taken home accidentally please return them to us ASAP.

Pigeon Holes

Please ensure you always check your pigeon hole for monthly accounts and newsletters etc.

Fire Drills

Fire and emergency drills are practiced for a whole week every 3 months with all children and staff involved.

Rest Time

Sheet are provided for each individual child and washed and dried after every use. Every child lays on their bed for a rest or sleep before moving on to quiet activities. Children will not be forced to sleep just encouraged to rest.


Medication will only be administered at the Centre if there is signed consent by the parent/guardian. You are required to fill out and sign a medication form each day your child requires medication. The Centre will only administer prescribed medication. It must have the Doctors name, child’s name, medication name and use by date. The use of nebulizes is permitted providing the parents demonstrates their use to the staff to ensure correct administration. Parents must ensure they take home all unused medication at the end of each day. If you forget the medication the centre displays an after-hours contact number for you to call.

Medication is handed to a staff member and never left in a child’s bag. The medication then must be placed in the lockable container and put in the fridge if required or out of children’s reach in the kitchen.

Emergency Panadol

In the event where a child’s temperature is above 39 degrees and the parent is still 15 minutes away, the staff may administer one dose of Panadol if the parent has signed the ‘emergency Panadol form’ prior. The child must go home ASAP. The child’s temperature will be taken at 30 minute intervals or if their condition alters between time.

Illness/ Records

To protect your child and other children, please do not send a sick or infected child to the centre. If you are in doubt, please phone your doctor or the Director for advice or refer to our sickness and infectious disease policy.

The Director and staff retain the right to exclude any child who is regarded to be a health risk and any child who is obviously unwell. The Department of Health require that parents notify the centre immediately of any infectious diseases contracted by the child. The Director and staff further maintain the right to contact a child’s doctor in order to clarify information regarding an illness. Due to the Department of Health Regulations, children who are not immunised are required to stay away from the centre during an outbreak of an infectious disease.


The centre will promote good health and oral hygiene behaviour in children and families, contribute to reducing the incidence of dental caries in children and facilitate the prevention and management of dental trauma in children.

Staff encourage the children to get a drink of water after they have eaten and after exercising. If a tooth is knocked out the staff will follow the Dental Policy and procedure.

Confidentiality Guidelines

Good relationships with families who use the Centre, and the staff employed, are based on mutual trust. Information shared with the staff by parents about the child and family, unless it relates specifically to the child and his/her behaviour, is to be held in the strictest confidence. Staff are not to disclose details about other staff members and their families, to families using the Centre or to their own families. Any assessments or records kept by the staff on the children at the centre are to be kept in a secure file on the premises and are to be shown only to the child’s parents/carer or to the authorised persons, including the Director, person authorised by the law or the written permission of the parent/carer.

Multicultural and Aboriginal Awareness

The Centre aims to provide children with the access to information and appreciation of the Aboriginal culture as it exists in Australia today. Multiculturalism is the right of all people to have equal opportunity to access society resources and the need for recognition and understanding of their diverse languages, cultures, religious practices and values. We aim to help foster within each child awareness and acceptance of the other cultures through integrating multiculturalism into the program.


Current immunisation Schedule, The National Immunisation Program (NIP) Schedule (0-4 Years). Valid from 1 July 2013.

Age Disease immunised against
Birth Hepatitis B
2 months (Can be given as early as 6 months) Diphtheria                              TetanusPertussis                                PolioHib                                         Hepatitis BPneumococcal                       Rotavirus
4 months Diphtheria                              TetanusPertussis                                PolioHib                                         Hepatitis BPneumococcal                       Rotavirus
6 months Diphtheria                              TetanusPertussis                                PolioHib                                         Hepatitis BPneumococcal
12 months Measles                                  MumpsRubella                                   HibMeningococcal
18 months Varicella                                  MumpsMeasles                                  Rubella
4 years (can be given as early as 3 ½ years) Diphtheria                               TetanusPertussis                                 PolioMeasles                                  MumpsRubella(if child has not had 2 doses of measles-mumps-rubella containing vaccine)

 Behaviour Management

In being clear about what behaviour is expected from the Centre, the Centre aims to provide a warm, safe, happy and secure environment- the basis from which learning can occur. When working with young children the staff members should use positive techniques of guidance, redirection and reinforcement rather than promote competition, comparison and criticism. Consistent, clear rules should be established and explained to the children. When a child is redirected, stopped or reprimanded the staff should explain why. This will assist the children to make judgment about what he/she can or cannot do.

Breast Feeding

You are more than welcome to have a seat anywhere you feel comfortable and breastfeed your baby. If any questions are raised with the children, the staff shall talk to the children about why we need to breast feed babies.

If you are expressing your milk for the staff to give to your baby it can be stored in the fridge for up to 48 hours or in a deep freezer for 6-12 months, depending on the deep freeze. Frozen breast milk should be thawed quickly, but not put in boiling water or it will curdle. Do not shake the thawed breast milk, but gently roll to mix. Ensure the temperature is not too hot. Ensure the breast milk is labelled with the child’s name, time and date the milk was expressed. Two staff will check the label of the breast milk prior to giving to the baby. Left over milk will be thrown away…NEVER REFOZEN or REHEATED. 

Injuries and Accidents

In the case where children are injured while at Earth Angels, staff will complete an accident report. This needs to be signed by the parent/guardian on the day of the incident. Once signed you will be given a copy of the report. Please inform the Director if your child is taken to the Doctor or Hospital as a result of the injury or accident. Earth Angels is required to immediately contact families if a child is bitten or suffered a head injury while attending the Centre.

Asthma Policy

Earth Angels aims to provide appropriate attention and care to children with asthma and ensure that such children are integrated into all activities. We encourage play and exercise for children with asthma. All staff members will uphold and implement positive beliefs and values in relation to children with asthma to develop a sense of security and confidence. Staff members will assist children with asthma, other children, visitors and families to understand asthma and medication in a positive manner.

Families will:

  • Formally inform staff members and the centre upon enrolment of their child with Asthma or on initial diagnosis (without undue delay), that their child has a history of asthma.
  • In consultation with the Doctor fill out the centre’s asthma Action Plan and authorisation form and return ASAP.
  • Read the full Asthma Policy before enrolment

Nut Free Centre

Earth Angels is a NUT FREE Centre. Please do not bring nuts or peanut butter.

Smoking, Drugs & Alcohol

At no time is anyone permitted to smoke, drink or have drugs on the premises. If at any time a person arrives to pick up their child who has been drinking or is affected by drugs, the Director or staff shall inform the police of the parent concerned.

Special Needs/Disabilities

We welcome all children with open arms. Earth Angels works in with Community Health, Early Intervention, Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists and Pediatricians requirements. We have action plans in place which meet parents, staff and the child’s needs. We are more than happy to work in with you and your child’s development.